After the Energy Show and some world travels, Joanie and I started a family and moved to Seattle. I worked for 17 years for Videodiscovery doing science education with laserdiscs, cdroms and online. We did lots of interactive video productions, which kept my foot in the drama world. I’ve worked in technology and science education ever since. Now I am education director for the Clean Energy Institute at UW where we are developing the next generation of solar energy materials, battery technology and smart grids. I build energy simulations, videos and courses, and help graduate students do outreach activities like solar cars races and photovoltaic panel workshops. I also do course development for a non-profit Educurious which does online science and English courses. Miranda is a computational linguist and a new mother (and you know what that makes me!), Riley is a software engineer at Boeing. Joan makes beautiful glass beads and grows flowers. Weeks are busy with work but weekends we escape to a cabin on Skagit bay on Puget Sound. I’m looking forward to slowing the pace down even more so I can enjoy playing with Bonnie June, teach her how to build a solar spinner, and go for hikes with my new senior citizen forest pass.

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