After four Energy Show summers, I stayed happily in Montana for almost 10 years.  A number of us worked on school curriculum and kept Energy Show stuff going for several more years.  During this time, I also did preservation work at the Montana Historical Society, made lots of baskets and taught basket classes, and finally went back to school for my teaching certification.

My parents were both architects, and many of their homes had a passive solar design, including the home in Milwaukee where I lived as a child.  In 1989, I moved back to my childhood home.  Both my parents died shortly thereafter, so returning home was an important decision.  Here, I had a great job as an elementary art teacher for 23  years, stopping in 2012.  Milwaukee is a really great city for the arts, believe it or not. My favorite new direction is book binding—sometimes brand new books but also fixing and restoring beat up or very old books.  I have been making some baskets too and exploring several other art directions. 

I return to Montana at least every other year for a few weeks.  Another delight is canoeing in Canada and the Minnesota Boundary Waters, sometimes for weeks at a time.  I am particularly fond of road trips.  I take pleasure in gardening.  Finally, I  enjoy my old and new friends as if they were family.  I also have some great cousins to hang out with (see picture below).  And the cat.  There is always a cat. 

I SO look forward to seeing all of you!!!!!!!!!!

Robin with her sketch book
Robin and her cousins in the Little Snowy Mountains