Hmm, what about Bud?

Well, the Energy Show redirected my experience from electrical engineer to organic farmer. After I left the NWES, I moved to the family farm outsideof Lewistown, eventually buying it and, inspired by John Brown (we stayed on his farm when we were in eastern Montana) and others, converted it to an organic operation. This eventually led to a partnership with Dave Oien, Jim Barngrover, and Tom Hastings in which we created Timeless Seeds (

At the time, organic farming was not a for-profit business, but for me a moral duty, thus it led me to the custom home building business to support my family. My building business ( is oriented around sustainability, energy efficiency, livability, and high quality detailed construction. Some of my projects are designed by architects, but I design the majority of them. We have done restack old log cabins, built straw-bale houses, used tons of reclaimed materials, and mostly we build with SIPs. We recently built a 9-yurt safari camp and designed and built the Enrico Center (a home for researchers working for the American Prairie Foundation ( Though not a great proponent of it, I am now building my second straw-bale house. I will soon be retired and my sons will carry on the business. My farm interests are now oriented around the biology in the soil and building organic matter thereby sequestering carbon.

Our farm, home, and constructions shop, are electrically sustained by an 84’ by 12’ solar array. It also heats the house with a geothermal heat pump. The next step is to buy an electric car. By my calculations, I should have enough electricity left over to drive 8000 mile per year on our solar produced electricity.

Soon after I moved to the farm (Bod Cater moved there and worked with me for three years), I met Rosie. She had a son Joe two years old. He soon (immediately in my mind) became my son as if he always was. We had another son and daughter (Nick and Chelsey). We now have four grandsons and one on the way. Rosie is the best grandma I have ever seen. This last week our four grandsons spent the week with us, what a joy.

In the last 3 or 4 years, I have become fascinated with the development of consciousness and have spent much of my time in that study. My sister Terri is probably the foremost researchers in the field, so I have had an abundance of materials, conferences, seminars, and cohorts to attend. It has been an incredible ride.

I am so excited to see, visit, dance, and play with you all. Hope you old fogies can still kick up a heel.

Bud2.Grandpa and Lane
Bud and grandson Lane


Bud3.My first straw bale house
My first straw bale house

Bud1.can't get enough of Grandma