40 Years, well. After I left the Energy Show I dinked around a bit. More theatre, cooking at the Northern Lights, school in Bozeman, and ended up, with no plan and less ambition, in 1982 driving tractor for and distracting Scott McManus while he ran the family orchards in Cashmere, WA. I went back to school that fall but with no real purpose so I quit after winter quarter. I returned to Cashmere the following spring, lived in the orchard again and got a job cooking in the local Mexican restaurant. That summer I met Mary, my soon to be wife, and her three amazing girls, two of whom literally tied me to a chair the first time I visited them at home. [Who am I to argue with the wisdom of children?] We were married the next spring [with several of you in attendance, thank you] and I’ve lived here on the east slopes of the Cascades ever since. There’s nothing like a family responsibility to generate some ambition and purpose so I spent the next 4 years working and going to school. Finally ending up where I suspected I’d be since I was 12, as a psychotherapist. It was the right choice—it’s a vocation not a job—and after almost 30 years of listening to the child in all my clients I still love going to work and am amazed and honored and fascinated by the people I get to work with. Most of my career has been in private practice. My boss works me hard but there’s absolutely none of the mickey mouse that goes on in agencies or the government. I’m still too much of an iconoclast to do well in organizations for very long.

Away from the office I stick close to home and family. Mary and I helped build our house in 1990 and every year we typically have a good sized project to improve it. We dote on our children and now 3 grandkids. We camp and play outdoors, mostly in the Northwest. Our hobbies are mostly domestic. I cook and garden, make furniture and kitchen implements, all with a lot of enthusiasm and great imperfection. Mary is always busy—all kinds of fiber arts, baking, canning, and tending to her flowers. I still love to fish and do that regularly—less skiing now and camping usually involves a trailer. I haven’t acted on stage since I got married. I scratch the performance itch teaching professional workshops and in the past couple years preaching and singing at church. It is not a glamorous or adventurous life but it has been an immensely satisfying one so far.