Although I was only with the New Western Energy Show for a co-op through Antioch College, it was an experience happily emblazoned upon my mind. A lot happened during those three months! A few years ago, my family was traveling Yellowstone, and I felt the need to show them Helena, MT. We stopped by the Parrott Café, and miraculously ran into Robin in the Gulch! A year or two later, when my husband and I took a cross country road trip, I made it a point to go back to Jerry Johnson Hot Springs. It was just as magical as I remembered it. Montana was a whole new world this swamp dweller. My memories did not deceive me…it was still a magical place!

After I graduated from Antioch, I traveled a bit, then settled in Seattle. It was there that I enrolled at Seattle Central Community College and began my studies to become a sign language interpreter. I spent the academic years in Seattle, but would spend my summers working in Alaska. Also, during my 6 years in Seattle, I met the man whom I would eventually marry. Because of his studies/graduate school, post-doc, and jobs, I ended up following him to Rhode Island (3 years), Tucson (9 ½ years), Knoxville (4 years) and now Orlando (13 years and still going). We have pretty much settled in Orlando, although I dream of going back to the Pacific Northwest. Dan and I have been married for 29 years (this July) and have two sons, ages 21 and 25. I am still a sign language interpreter, working in post-secondary education and in the community. Up until a year and a half ago, I spent almost 10 years working at Universal Studios interpreting concerts and shows, and concurrently 6 years working at a video relay company, interpreting phone calls between Deaf individuals using a video phone and hearing people on regular telephones. I still occasionally get to do some theatrical interpreting, but not as much as I’d like. Dan is a planetary geologist, researching the geology of asteroids and other planets such as Mars and Pluto. He is also a professor of Astronomy at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, and the director of the Center for Asteroid and Lunar Surface Studies (CLASS) which is why we are in Florida and won’t be moving any time soon.

The New Western Energy Show was relevant back in the 70’s and is still, if not even more important today. I am glad to be a part of this group, and wish there were troupes like this today, educating young students about alternative energy options. We were just ahead of our time.