What have I done for forty years?

Wilbur and I have a daughter.  She is wonderful.  She lives in Portland and is a CPA.  Aware of the occasional nature of income from a couple of writers, Rhiannon decided on something more secure. She loves to dance and run. She runs 50K trails.

Wilbur and I wrote, published and distributed the Sun Sign Almanac for nine years.  Driving around the West peddling calendars in new and used book stores, health food stores, head shops and street fairs, making friends.  We’d sell enough calendars to open a bank account in Helena, Missoula; Portland and Eugene; and in Berkeley.  Then we’d fill our gas tank and drive on.  That’s what W.C. Fields did as he toured the country giving his shows.  And a fun way to save, knowing we would return with a little money there.  Good towns to visit!

We live in the same house in Roundup. It is very full of papers and books, now.   Too full.  We still have a garden.  It’s smaller with less digging and weeding.

I was a Speech and Drama coach in Roundup High School for sixteen years; had a few State champions.  Directed and sometimes wrote the school plays.  Went out on a high note, needing to spend more time editing my own writing.

Boxes, dozens of boxes full of poems, short stories, plays, two novellas on legal size tablets and in note books–  under the bed, in the closet and even stacked in the garage.  Editing, trying to make sense of it.  

But new writing keeps taking over.

Published?  A couple of one act plays produced at a new play festival. A research paper on Biodiesel feasibility in small western towns, Wilbur and I researched and wrote together. A children’s radio play about Renewable Energy which Anne Garde produced for The Pea Green Boat, the radio show she hosts in Missoula, KUFM.  And a few poems, if someone asked.

What a lark this is going to be.  Forty years! Wow. –Elizabeth Wood