The Energy Show may be the best thing that ever happened to me. It was a blast promoting cutting-edge ideas and working with a cadre of such great people. But more importantly, it got me to Montana, where I have lived ever since, and introduced me to my wonderful wife. After mutually realizing our commitment wasn’t sufficient for the long term, Robin and I split up. Angie and I got married in 1981. I couldn’t be happier living with her and being immersed in Montana’s stunning beauty and vast open spaces. After the NWES, I started a professional career as a hydrologist and relatively quickly ended up with my dream job as a researcher with the U.S. Geological Survey in Helena. Currently, and although officially and supposedly retired, I still have an office there and am a volunteer scientist emeritus continuing my work on how stream chemistry changes during 24-hour periods and most recently studying the history of glaciation in Patagonia. Between exciting local and international travels with Angie, I serve on the board of the Montana ACLU and just this past winter started a gig as a naturalist on board National Geographic trips to the Antarctica Peninsula.

Angie and David trekking across the Nef Glacier in Patagonia
DSC_3012 - Version 2
Angie and David on the island of Lamu in Kenya on the Indian Ocean