David Polivan, the front man for the first NWES show in 1976 was the one who suggested I look into being in the show way back then. Bless his heart. I think Wilbur & Elizabeth called too and, since I’m wishy washy, I tentatively agreed to come and see what it was about. On the Amtrak train trip over, I met Robin Leenhouts who was also on her way to Roundup! What an amazing coincidence. She was very interesting and beautiful and I was more intrigued about this show. One day with the gang in Roundup and the excitement of using our talents to promote something worthy and fun – and I rushed back to Missoula, got my stuff ( a few clothes and a cotton sleeping bag) and headed for a great 70’s adventure. Meeting people in the show who went on carrot fasts instead of drinking beer (I had 6 packs in my lonely fridge) and ate lentils and rice instead of peanut butter and jelly, who didn’t smoke cigarettes (I was a pack a day girl) and who had no fear of working together and using their talents generously, was an eye opener to me. I loved the comraderie that grew day by day, the study of solar energy. I loved it all, the travel, sleeping outdoors all summer, the performances and the new direction the show and its people pointed for my life.

So I came home to Missoula, Angie and I became roommates and wrote a script, toured some schools and worked on more shows and performances. I quit smoking and hanging out in bars. Thank you so much, New Western Energy Show, for showing me a way to live my life in a more meaningful way.

In the 80’s, I became a hard working housepainter for 20 years, proud to be a woman in a man’s world . And I also started working at the local public radio station as a music DJ. In 2003, I graduated to my current position as the host of a children’s radio show called the Pea Green Boat. It’s a great job where I get to play kid music, the best I can find, entertain guests who talk about bugs, birds and the natural world. Elizabeth and I put together a series of renewable energy plays for the show, too. Now I’m doing a series on kids with disabilities, hoping to excite some compassion and caring in school age kids – and grownups.

I still paint a window now & then, but mostly it’s radio and hiking all around Montana. And I still eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Somethings never change. I’m looking forward to seeing old NWES friends who’ve been such good influences on me – and the world!!